2016 Best Game Engines

Games-Now a day’s games play a vital role in technology and human life cycle. There are so many platforms to design the games, whether they are 2d or 3d.  As already mentioned there are so many platforms, it’s difficult to find which one is best. So let’s check which one is best based on rankings.Till Date these are the best game Engines.
born4technology-2016 best game engines-Want to develop your own game. Here are the platforms-All the best
2016 best game engine-born4technology


2016 best game engine-born4technology

The latest version is unreal engine4.9 brings hundreds of updates to unreal engine4 . The features of Unreal Engine4 are shown below. The Unreal engine4 .9 is completely free and it’s open to anyone.
Owned By                    : Epic Games
Website                        : https://www.unrealengine.com
Games List                  : There are lot of Games Released by unreal engine 4. Here is the List
Supported Platforms   : Mobile, Xbox360, PS, PC
            No matter what it is whether is 2D or 3D game, everything possible with this platform. Unreal Engine 4.9 is developed by the game developers for game developers.
           At the time of starting there is no cost but at the time of publishing, you need to pay 5% Royalty fee starts after the first $3000 of revenue per product quarter. There is no royalty for film projects, contracting and consulting projects such as architecture, simulation and visualization.
Graphics: Direct X11 pipeline that includes,Deferred shading,Global illumination,It               translucency, GPU particle simulation utilizing vector fields


2016 best game engine-born4technology
The latest version of Unity Platform is Unity5.Unity 5 is one of the best Platforms for designing 2D/3D games.Unity5 improves the efficiency of game and makes the hard work smoother and more fun and it’s the best platform to reach more players than ever before like yours.
Owned By                   : Unity
Website                       : https://unity3d.com/
Supported Platforms   : PC, Play Station, Xbox360, Mobile
Tutorials                      : Free Tutorials
Download                    : get-unity
Written Languages      : c# or java-script.
Flexible in source code, Introducing cloud Integration, Improved updates for animation, Audio Mixer, Real-time Global illumination
Unity 5 also gives tutorials but it’s not free but you can find the related videos in YouTube. YouTube is an awesome platform for freshers, there is a chance to learn a lot. Finally it is free of cost.

3.Cry Engine

2016 best game engine-born4technology

Cry Engine is a Gaming platform designed by Crytek who is a German Game developer. This engine also used for third party games under Crytek’s licensing scheme
Owned By                   : Crytek
Code Written in           : C++, Lua.
Supported Platforms   : Windows, Linux, Mobile, PS3/4, Xbox360, Xbox one
Latest version              : 3.8.6
Games List                  : List
Licensing                     : Free up to the version of 3.5.8. Currently used via Subscription.
Download                    : Free Download
Website                       : http://www.crytek.com/
1. Accomplish real time visualization Unleash the talent of audio artists and give complete control over their creations
2.Gives Most Realistic characters and those are you never seen in gaming.
3.100% Royalty free technology.
4.Sandbox and tools.

4.Source Game Engine

The latest version of Source Game engine is Source2.It is a 3d video game engine, owned by Valve Corporation and released in March 2015.Sourc2 First Game is Dota 2.
2016 best game engine-born4technology

Features                     : Direct 3D rendering,High Dynamic Range,3DBumpMapping,Awesome water flow effects abd more at
Owned by                   : Valve Corporation
Supported Platforms   : Windows, Linux
Website                       :  http://www.valvesoftware.com/
Note:-These Rankings are not official,I just check the ratings &features of game Engines and i gave rankings according to my knowledge.
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