Install WhatsApp Without Sim Card (or) Mobile Number

This Post tells about,How to install WhatsApp without Mobile number or Sim card.It's Very easy just follow the Procedure.Before going to the Procedure We will discuss some crazy facts about WhatsApp

Some Crazy Facts About WhatsApp: 

  1. Daily 480 million members used WhatsApp.
  2. There are only 32 Engineers working on /whatsApp means one engineer is responsible for 14 million people.
  3. WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by 2 former Employee's of Yahoo.
  4. WhatsApp is the 5th Most Downloaded App on Android.  
  5. Whats App does not promote Ads and those are not appeared on App.
  6. WhatsApp SMS volume reaches total world telecom SMS volume.
  7. Finally WhatsApp has serious security issues. 
WhatsApp without Simcard


  1. Go to Play-store Search for Voxox App. 
  2. Download the Voxox App.
  3. Open the Voxox App, If you are already have an account Login into the app 
  4. Otherwise Signup the app don't worry It's free of Cost.
  5. After Signup You will get a Verification Code, Enter the verification Code and click on Submit button.

Voxox App Symbol
6.After this click on the option More.
7. Now you will get a US (United States) Phone number.
8.Now go to the WhatsApp enter the Mobile Number on Voxox App.
9. Enter the Country Code as +1 .
10.The verification Code is Send to the your Voxox number.
11.Enter the code and Fill up the Later Procedure.
12.That's it.Like Our Facebook Page for more WhatsApp tricks.

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