How To Connect Your PC Internet Connection To Your Smart Phone Through USB Cable

Connect Your LAN to Your Smart Phone
How to Connect Your PC Internet Connection To Your Smart Phone Thorough USB Cable:
Hello, Guys This process is Very Simple, But Most of The People Don't About This Technique.
It's Very Easy Just Follow Me......................

Step 1:-Go to Your Control Panel
To open Control Panel,Press (windows + R) and type the text as control panel just as below Image
Run Box to Open Control Panel 

Step 2:-Click On Network and Sharing Center
Just Click on the Network and Sharing Center as mentioned in below Image
Network and Sharing Center

Step 3:-Click On Change Adapter Settings
Click on the Change Adapter Settings or Ethernet as Shown in below Image.
Change Adapter Settings

Step 4:-Open The Properties Of Your Ethernet
My network name is Ethernet may be your Network Provider name is Different, Whatever It is just right click on that And click on Properties Button.
Change The Properties of Your Ethernet

Step 5:-Click On Sharing Tab
After This You got a Dialog Box like this, Just click on Sharing Button after that Check on the Options and Click on OK!.
That's It
Step 6:-Now, Connect You Data Cable to Your Smart Phone and PC
Now,Connect The Data Cable to Your Smart Phone& PC.

Step 7:-Now, Go to Settings and Click on More Option
 After Click on the Settings You will get the Following Screen then click on More Option as shown in below figure.

Step 8:- Check the Option Internet Cable
 After Clicking on More Option You will get the following Screen after that Check on the option USB Internet(Sharing Windows PC internet via USB cable)


That's it, Now your Smart Phone is Connected to WiFi. Engoy the Features....
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  1. Almost all routers provide this translation. What this means is that every device on the home side of the Internet connection will be assigned its own network IP address while your network is seen from the outside world as a single IP address (assigned to you by your high speed Internet provider).