How to Skip any Mission in any Game

How to Skip any Mission in any Game:-
Hi, Guys welcome to my blog First of all, I need to tell one thing I love video games. I spent more time on video games. One Fine day, I was Playing GTA SanAndreas I just completed the 39th mission. When I came to the 40th mission My game is Struck's and I am out of the game. That day I hate My System, but Suddenly I got an Idea What happened If I skip the mission. Then I go to the YouTube and Search for "How to skip any mission in any game", I got the Solution and skip the 40th mission. Thank's to youtube.
Ok! here is the Procedure to Skip the Mission.
1. Choose your game.
2. Open Your Browser and search for [Gamename save game collection]
3. Download the files and Open it.
4. Select the Mission, which you want to Skip.
5. Copy the File.
6. Go to Documents--->click on game name userfiles-->Paste the File.
7. Now go to your game-->Click on Load Game-->Choose the Mission which you Placed Recently.
8. That's It, You Skip the Mission and You done a great Job.

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