Apply These 5 Secret Techniques To Increase Your Life Span.


Blogger : Want to increase your life span?
Visitor  : Nice Joke. It's not possible.
Blogger : It's not a joke it's true. Because of modern lifestyle, population and pollution human lifespan is reduced to 68 years for males and 73 years for females ,If our health is in good condition.
So This modern technology reduces your lifetime don't worry with the same technology you can increase your lifespan.
Because of our busy schedule, we are unable to do some daily exercises but these apps have the capability to increase your life span.
Today our born4technology proudly introducing best health apps. All these
apps monitor your daily habits,body fitness,diet,lifestyle and more.
 1. Lose It
Lose-it born4technology

App Rating      : 4.4 * .
Updated on     : Aug 31 , 2016 .
Developed by   : FitNowINC.
Download Link : born4technology
1. Free Calorie counter and food tracker to stay within your daily budget.
2. Barcode Scanner.
3. Share foods with friends.
4. keep a diary your progress with notes.
5. Answers for your question like how can I increase my weight.
6. Good app 25 million people lost 44 million pounds using this app.
7. You can easily modify the weight,body fat,hydration,sleep,steps,exercise,nutrients,measurements(Neck,Hip,Waist,Bicep,Thigh,Chest).
2. Health & Nutrition Guide
Health and nutrition
App Rating      : 4.3 * .
Updated on     : Sep 11 , 2016 .
Developed by   : NaveenInfotec.
Download Link : born4technology
1. This app guides to loose body weight,diet,Nutrition and remedies for diseases such as hypertension,anxiety,allergy,insomnia and much more.
2. This app has various categories, those are listed as below helps you find to proper medicine for your particular diseases. Helps you to find proper food ,oils more. Daily it provides health tips to improve your health. His category allows you to find various medicines to fight against your disorders.
3. Have a nutrition calculator and protein calculator for better analysis and to improve your health.

3. S Heallth

App Rating       : 4.1  .
Updated on      : Sep 15 , 2016 .
Developed by    : Samsung
Download Link : born4technology
1. you can record your step count by using the pedometer.
2. Records a variety of information like your food,caffeine,and water intake details. 3. Track your health like blood glucose levels,heart rate,stress,blood pressure,weight& Spo2 using built-in sensors or third party devices.
4. The user can track his health with the intuitive charts.
5. The user can customize the dashboard by adding goals or removing goals.
6. Option to listen to music while doing the exercises.
7. The user can increase the goals day by day like walking,walking to running...
8. S Health supports over 70 languages.
Note: this app not available for rooted mobiles.
4. Google fit - Fitness Tracking
Google-Fit-Fitness-Tracking -born4technology
App Rating       : 4.0 .
Updated on      : Sep 2 , 2016 .
Developed by    : Google
Download Link : born4technology
Rich UI and user-friendly.
1. Provides real-time insights instantly.
2. Records route,pace,speed and more.
3. You can also set goals based on your speed,fitness,time,calories burned.
4. Instantly measure your wellness and get data from other apps track fitness,nutrition,sleep,and weight,Android wear,Nike+,Runkeeper,Strava and Xiaomi Mi bands.
5. Check your data from anywhere through
5. Health Calculator
Health Calculator -born4technology

App Rating       : 4.0 * .
Updated on      : November 8 , 2016 .
Developed by    : New age productions
Download Link : born4technology
1. Instant BMI calculator(Body Mass Index).
2. You can easily calculate Calorie requirements to lose/gain weight.
3. provides ideal weight,body fat percentage,blood volume,BAC (Blood Alcohol content).
4. Daily water intake requirements.

Note: Rankings are given by app rating and user feedback.
Note: All these options are based on your age,height,weight,gender,etc..
Stay healthy live better.
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